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Participating in the 2014 LVAA Open Studio Tour (September 13-14th) and exhibiting in the Collective Launch Party (September 5th at the Cressman Center, Louisville, KY, from 6-8pm)

Solo Exhibition by Joshua Jenkins at the Regallery at Regallo Gifts (Louisville, KY.) Show will run from November thru December of 2014. Opening Reception: TBA




"My most valuable lesson is to never question my initial impulses. I feel that some Artists are slaves to the initial training of art and forget that art comes from within. We all learn how to draw basic shapes. Through these shapes we then learn to create figures and landscapes. But the more we learn certain skills, the more we become comfortable in specific ways of doing things, which can become repetitive and unoriginal. The purpose of the journey is to stop questioning yourself and embrace your natural impulses—to accept them as the core of what makes your mark original and compelling." 



Art, Observation, and Self-Expression

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Joshua Jenkins Artist

Louisville, KY 40204